About Canyon Creek Studio


Canyon Creek Studio replaces Studio 5601 as the production mark for my work. The studio is a physical place where my digital image and audio processing equipment—computer, scanner, printers, midi keyboard, synth box, and amplifier—are located in Wilsonville, Oregon. Canyon Creek Studio is also a place in cyberspace where my digital processing and publication is actually done. I can access and work in the virtual studio wherever I am physically via my private intranet or the Internet. My new domain at jerrygreenfieldonline.com now hosts the Canyon Creek Studio website. My photo books through the fall of 2011 bear the imprint of Studio 5601. My subsequent books, including a three-volume portfolio and account of my photography of China, bear the new studio name.

In fact, there is no canyon in the Canyon Creek area worthy of the name. But there is a creek that begins in a wetland area of North Wilsonville east of the highway. The gathering flow is known as Boeckman Creek where it passes south under Wilsonville Road before emptying into the Willamette River. It is a quiet little stream that winds unpretentiously through attractive woods adding notes of Wilsonville’s pleasant natural environment to our city’s parks and institutions that bear the creek’s rather incongruous names.